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Carr Green

Primary School

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Our Values & Ethos

Carr Green Primary School - where everyone matters


Our vision, ethos and strategic direction

For our school community

The primary goal of the Governing Board at Carr Green is to help children to become reflective, confident, independent, caring and healthy young people. We recognise that positive relationships have a huge impact on learning, so each day begins with a circle, which is an intentional opportunity to start with a chance for everyone (including adults) to share how they are feeling as we begin another school day. We talk about making good choices and this is clearly reflected in our behaviour policy and practice. The concept of 'team' is integral to our philosophy, so we seek to celebrate successes openly and face challenges with the question, 'Who do I need to help me with this?'

For our children

Message from Mr. Mashinter, Headteacher: I am committed to making sure learning is engaging so that you have every opportunity to be the best that you can be. I expect everyone to work with you and for you and I expect you to try your hardest to work with us. I’ll say yes if you ask, unless there is good reason to say no. When you get stuck, we’ll help; when you feel unhappy, we’ll sort things out quickly; and when you make a big effort with your challenges we’ll really celebrate your successes!

For our teaching staff

As teachers we have 4 central priorities:

* Excessive clarity – ensuring that everything we stand for is fully understood by everyone

* Emotional engagement – making learning meaningful

* Engaging questioning – deepening understanding

* Effective feedback – accelerating learning