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School Council

Our School Council is a team dedicated to listening to everyone so that our school community is a place where each person feels happy and cared for.

We meet together weekly and we've been recognised by Ofsted as being very effective in contributing to the running of the school.  

If you would like to make any suggestions please speak to a class councillor.

School council action on Dog Fouling 

On the 15th May the Community Wardens came to school. They, along with the School Council, went to the Carr Green Play Area and put coloured flags in the dog dirt. There were 5 flags put in. One of the wardens said she visited one park in Calderdale and they put 80 flags in!  Hopefully this will encourage dog owners to clean up after their dogs. There is an £80 fine if you don’t pick up your poop! School Council feel strongly about this issue especially the football  teams.



School Council Meeting

May 10th 2017

The School Council are going to the Rastrick play area on the 15th May. This is in conjunction with the community wardens and they will be  participating in a dog fouling awareness event (see above). Also a provisional day in June has been booked for the School Council to visit the Town Hall in Halifax.

April 25th 2017
The visit by the Rastrick Community Wardens was discussed. The Community Wardens main role is to engage with residents, local businesses, schools  and groups to discuss any concerns and take  action. They are coming to talk about  the issue of dog fouling in the local area including the playing fields and park. It was arranged they will be returning and, along with the School Council, take action by spray painting the dog mess to highlight the problem.  
March 13th 2017

Red Nose Day. Every child from each class can bring a joke in. The best and funniest joke from each class will then be read out in assembly on Friday. Jokes to  be put in the joke boxes that are in each classroom. Ideas from the meeting are : Maybe have an art competition to raise money - details  to follow. A visit to see the Lord Mayor in the future.

February 27th 2017

Ideas were put forward for Comic Relief Day on 24th March. It has been decided that we are going to have a Comedy Day here in school with lots of jokes!!!!

Each school councillor will make a joke box for their class and everyone in the class has to bring in a joke. Children will read the jokes to each other on Comic Relief Day and wear their red noses!!!

Posters with all the details are going up around school so watch out for them!!! Next meeting 13th March.

February 14th 2017

Discussed ideas from ideas box. Maybe have a school mascot. Josh suggested a tree as we have one on our school badge. Could be taken to football matches etc. Maybe a cardboard cut - out. To discuss at next meeting. Also ideas for comic relief day. Tell a joke day, have fun day. School councillors to ask each class for feedback and discuss at next meeting on 27.2.17.

Special Visit

We had a special visit form the Mayor & Mayoress  of Calderdale who came to our assembly. He told us about his role and what it is like to be the Lord Mayor. In our assembly we discussed the word Democracy and learnt that it means that everyone has a right to have their say.  We discussed the role of our MP and the work councillors do in Brighouse and Rastrick.

We had a question and answer session and the Mayor answered some fantastic questions.

What has been the highlight of being Mayor so far?

 Meeting lots of interesting people in the community and visiting schools and going to concerts especially the Remembrance Concert at Halifax Minister.

Have you met the Queen? Not personally but has been at an event where she was there.

Do you have to wear the chain all the time? Only when out on engagements as Mayor.

Is it made of gold? Yes and is 100 years old and is a privilege to wear it.

We had our photograph taken with the Mayor & Mayoress & they had a tour of our school.

"Paw Pics"

School council recently organized “Paw Pics” as an opportunity for children to win £10.00 voucher for Pets in Store. Congratulations to the winner Phoebe McEvoy .