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Carr Green

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Carr Green Prospectus & Admissions


Please click here to see our current prospectus, paper copies are also available from the School Office. 



To apply for a place in School or Nursery please visit the Calderdale Website (link here) or telephone the school office

on 01484 715969 (Donna Turner - Office Manager). 

Admissions to Nursery 

Our Nursery offers 26 full/part time places, sessions are for children whose fourth birthday falls between 1 September of the year of admission and the following 31 August. Should there be vacant places, the Governing Board may offer some places the following January, these are for any children who have their third birthday between December and January please see the Calderdale Early Years Admissions Policy

Our Nursery Teachers are Janet Christie and Janet Bretton and our Nursery Nurse is Shelley Simpson. Parents seeking a place in our Nursery are asked to register their interest with the school office. All parents registered as interested will be contacted in the spring term and places will be offered after Easter. Children will start at staggered intervals in September, to enable them to settle in quickly in small groups. Please note that admission to our Nursery class does not guarantee a place in our Reception class. 

Help with Child Care Costs

All parents are eligible for either 15 hours or 30 hours free childcare provision. Please check eligibility via this link.

Please bear in mind that if not eligible for the extended 30 hours entitlement we can offer additional hours at a charge of £5.00 per hour for any care beyond the free 15 hours entitlement.

Costs daily

The following items are chargeable and payments are made using our online School Money system:

School Meal £2.25

Additional 30 minutes provision beyond 30 hours (pick up 3.15pm) £2.50

Morning snack £0.20

Afternoon snack £0.20

Additional hours (applicable for parents with 15 hours entitlement) £5.00 per hour

More information regarding options available for attending nursery can be found hereIf more details or an application form is needed please contact the school office (Donna Turner) 01484 715969


Admissions to School

Admissions to the school are administered by Calderdale Local Authority, details can be found here.The published admission limit is 45 children for the reception year at our school.

Admissions to Reception – children are presently admitted to school at the beginning of the school year (September 1 to
August 31) in which their fifth birthday falls. Parents seeking a place at the school should register their interest with the school office. All parents registering an interest at our school will be invited to an Open Day and provided with an application pack in the November before the child is due to start school. Places are offered by the local authority, usually around Easter. If your child is offered a place you will be invited to an Information Evening where you will have the opportunity to meet the staff, visit the classroom and find out more about our school. Your child will also be invited to visit and spend time in his/her new class on ‘Transition Day’, usually a Friday in July, and you will have the opportunity to visit to have a school lunch with your child.

Admissions to other age groups – parents seeking a place are asked to contact the school in the first instance to enquire about availability of places. If appropriate, arrangements will be made for parents and pupils to visit school and agree a suitable start date. Care is taken in settling in new pupils, to ensure the transition between schools is managed effectively.

The school is committed to equal opportunities. Admissions for pupils with disabilities are arranged in full consultation with parents, carers and external agencies to ensure the child’s needs can be fully met. Where the child is in receipt of a Statement of Special Educational Needs and the Authority has named our school as necessary to meet the child’s needs, the child would be in the first priority category for admission.

Primary school applications

If your child was born between 1 September 2014 and 31 August 2015, they will be due to start Primary School in September 2019. 

Key Dates 2019/20 Admission Round Applications

  • Primary and Junior School Place - Apply from: 19/11/2018 - Applications close 15/1/19 - Offer Date: 16/04/2019.
  • Secondary School Place - Apply from: 18/06/2018 - Applications close: 31/10/2018 - Offer Date: 01/03/2019.

Click here for more information or see the Calderdale website where applications can be made online. 


Calderdale Oversubscription Criteria for Community Primary Schools

Places will be allocated in community and voluntary controlled primary schools in the following order of priority:

1. Pupils who are in public care (‘Looked After’ children)
2. Pupils who have a brother or sister (including step/half brothers and sisters) permanently resident in the same household and currently attending the school or its associated junior school (excluding pupils in their final year). Parents/guardian should be aware that a sibling link cannot be claimed where a sibling in receipt of a Statement of Special Educational Needs is attending a resourced unit within a mainstream primary school.
3. Other Children
(i) If there is oversubscription within any category, then pupils will be admitted in the order of proximity of the pupil’s permanent home to the school. Distance will be calculated using a straight line measurement from the pupil’s permanent home to the closest designated school gate. Distance will be calculated using the Local Authority’s GIS system (Geographical Information System). To ensure consistency applies, all measurements will be carried out by the Local Authority’s GIS system and no other method of measuring distance will be considered. Each property has a coordinate taken from Ordnance Survey ADDRESS-POINT data. This is the point which distance measurements will be taken from.
(ii) In voluntary controlled schools, no account is taken of church membership or affiliation.

Nursery Education

Where a school receives more applications than places available then children should be admitted in the following order:
1. Children under Special Educational Needs statutory assessment or with a statement of Special Educational Needs (which names the school);
2. Children in Public Care (Looked After Children);
3. Children in need, as defined by the Children Act 1989 section 2 as children who, unless services where appropriate are provided are unlikely to achieve or maintain or have the opportunity of achieving or maintaining a reasonable standard of health or development or a child/children whose health or development are likely to be significantly impaired or further impaired, or a child/ children who is/are disabled. Applications under this criterion would need to be supported by an appropriate professional stating that attendance at a particular school is essential;
4. Children who live within the nursery’s catchment area (a 1 mile radius), who have siblings attending the school at the time of admission;
5. Other children who live in the school’s catchment area;
6. Children who live outside the school’s catchment area but have siblings in attendance at the school;
7. Other children by age order (admitting eldest first);
8. Children who live outside the Authority;
(i) Siblings are defined as children with brothers or sisters (including step-brothers or sisters) living at the same address, in attendance at the same school or a school on the same site, on the date of admission. Schools must advise parents that It is their responsibility to inform them immediately of any change of circumstances that may affect their application: for example, a change of address.
(ii) Where any category is over subscribed then children within that category should be admitted in an age order basis
(eldest first). 

Our School Ethos & Values

We are very proud of our school ethos, which was recognised by the NSPCC’s Listening Schools co-ordinator as “wonderful!”. We value everyone at the school as individuals and aim to make the school a place where people feel happy, safe and encouraged to achieve their full potential. Our pupils consistently attain very high levels and make good progress throughout school. Our full school ethos and values statement can be found here.

Restorative Practice at Carr Green Primary

Our primary goal at Carr Green is to help children to become reflective, confident and caring young people. We recognise that positive relationships have a huge impact on learning and so we begin each day with a circle which is an intentional opportunity to start with a chance for everyone (including adults) to share how they are feeling as we begin another school day. The concept of 'team' is integral to our philosophy and so we seek to celebrate successes openly and face challenges with the question 'Who do I need to help me with this?'. The 'atmosphere' of our school is vitally important to us and so we encourage the use of 'classroom voices'and 'playground voices' for children and adults.