Carr Green Primary School

School Nursing Service

The school nursing service in Calderdale, provided by Locala Community Partnerships  will focus on: “Identifying health needs, managing long and short term conditions in education settings for children and young people aged 5 to 19 years”.

Locala is proud to be delivering the school nursing service in Calderdale. There will be some changes but largely the team will remain the same, and will work alongside the highly regarded Locala school nursing team already established in Kirklees, which includes two Queens Nurses.

The service will respond to local need, and work with other professionals and support schools to manage the wellbeing of pupils by:

  • Delivering universal health services, improving the lives of all, with proportionally greater resources targeted at the most disadvantaged pupils
  • Proactive identification of health needs, individual health assessments and appropriate follow up activity
  • Support for pupils with long term and/or short medical conditions and vulnerable groups

There have been a few changes made by the commissioners of this service (Calderdale Public Health) to the activity of the service. There will now be a focus on:

  • Support for children with long term and short term conditions, including eczema, epilepsy, asthma and diabetes.
  • Implementing new / best practice in asthma care
  • Providing first aid training to pupils
  • Supporting and assisting education settings to become health promoting environments

This change in focus means there a number of activities that will no longer be provided by the School Nursing Service. These are:

  • Sex and relationship education delivery in the classroom - this function will transfer to another service, however, the school nursing team, like all other appropriately trained professionals, will deliver chlamydia screen tests, c-card and basic information and advice
  • The National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) - this function will transfer to the Calderdale Council  ‘Better Living Team’
  • Immunisations - from 1st April onwards there will be a dedicated immunisation team for school-aged children in Calderdale
  • Hearing tests – children should instead be taken to see their GP who can then refer into a specialist service should that be required

Locala will provide a fair and equal service that enables children and young people to access help in ways that are appropriate to their needs, with due respect to their age, gender, culture or race, religion, sexual orientation, learning needs, physical and emotional abilities and those of their parents or carers.


The Calderdale School Nursing team can be contacted on 030 3330 9974. The School Nursing staff are available Monday to Friday between 2pm-5pm. If you leave your contact details and availability with the administration team on the above number, a member of the team will return your call. school nurses calderdale School Nurses





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