Carr Green Primary School


At Carr Green School we strive to create a culture that aims to inspire active children and promote enjoyment in Physical Education. We recognise that PE develops physical ability and confidence, therefore we enable an environment where children feel safe to explore and master skills and develop awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.

We believe that it is our role to educate children to equip them with the skills, knowledge, behaviour and attitudes they need so that they can and will choose to be active. 


PE is taught discretely across school using the Real PE Scheme. It is a child-centred approach that focuses on the fundamental movement skills: Agility, Balance and Co-ordination. Each half term we deliver lessons through a multi-ability focus which are:

  • Personal
  • Social
  • Cognitive
  • Creative
  • Physical
  • Health and Fitness


This enables children to be successful in more than just the physical elements of PE.

Children have two hours of physical activity throughout the week, which includes teacher-led PE lessons, Active breaks, including a daily mile and outdoor play sessions. Key Stage 2 children undertake the role of play partners to support younger children in their outdoor physical activity.

In EYFS we begin by studying our fundamental movements skills:

Locomotor Skills e.g. walking, running, jumping, skipping, hopping

Object Control Skills e.g. Striking, throwing, aiming, passing, catching

Stability Skills e.g. balance, twisting, co-ordination

We then focus on the components needed to master these skills, rules and strategies to enable the children to take part in competitive sports and activities and be mindful of fostering a healthy participation and love of physical activity.

Our school provide a range of extra-curricular activities for children to participate in. Throughout the year we offer all year groups a chance to take part in some form of physical activity. We provide a range of different sports so that there is something of interest to all pupils.

We relish opportunities to compete alongside other schools in our local areas and celebrate their success.


Progression of Knowledge & Skills


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