Carr Green Primary School

Early Years Foundation Stage

The EYFS team take responsibility of introducing and embedding Carr Green values at the start of all pupil’s learning journey through school.

We work together to develop Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.

We introduce the values gradually through teacher led discussions and by modelling and praising behaviour which reflects and demonstrates any element of these values, whilst developing appropriate language.


To teach, nurture and facilitate each child, through playful learning experiences in a safe, calm, and caring environment where well-being and engagement are high.


Pedagogy (how) Curriculum (what)


Adopting a nurturing and caring approach, when settling children into school life, to support building the foundations of lifelong learning.

Valuing the importance of learning through ‘Play,’ and using this as a vehicle to drive learning forwards through engaging and creative experiences that interest the children.

Understanding and responding to the different ways children learn and develop, including theory, approaches, and good practice. 

Experienced and skilled practitioners have agreed understanding of consistently high expectations of behaviour and pupil achievement.

Providing high quality continuous provision that allows children to develop independence and follow their own lines of enquiry and development.

The child being at the centre of the process- their level/stage of development, appropriate next steps, interests and how they learn best.

A curriculum covering all the Prime and Specific Areas of learning and the 7 educational programmes

Annual specific identified themes and topics - including annual seasons, cultural celebrations, and special interests.

Providing a broad and balanced curriculum overview based on how we believe children learn best- through meaningful, relevant, and first-hand experiences that the children can relate well to and therefore support development and progress.


By adopting a flexible approach and adapting our practice to meet the needs of all individuals, we ensure that all children demonstrate a deep and broad understanding of the curriculum and make good progress.  Our nurturing approach supports children in becoming kind, confident and well- rounded individuals who are ready to make a positive transition into their next key phase at school with a willingness and resilience to learn. They are motivated, enthusiastic, and curious about the world around them and reflect and build on prior learning to aid development and progress of their knowledge, skills and understanding.

By the end of the EYFS we have supported the children in developing their confidence, creativity, independence, resilience, respect, understanding of feelings, acceptance of difference and a curiosity and love of learning.

Carr Green Lane, Brighouse, West Yorkshire HD6 3LT

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