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At Carr Green Primary School, we provide a high quality R.E. curriculum which ensures that our pupils will gain a good understanding of the diverse beliefs and values reflected in our world. We aim to develop our pupils’ understanding of world faiths and other non-religious beliefs whilst nurturing tolerance, respect, empathy and kindness which can be applied in our school, in our community and into the wider world. We encourage our pupils to explore and articulate their own personal beliefs and values whilst learning to respect those of others. We aim to nurture children’s awareness of diversity as well as their sensitivity to the questions and challenges that different views and cultures can present. We develop pupils’ critical thinking skills by posing challenging questions about meaning, beliefs, morality and what it means to be human. We encourage our pupils to build their own sense of identity and belonging to enable them to develop as members of their own community and as citizens of the wider world. We aim to provide a variety of rich learning opportunities to engage, inspire and educate our pupils about the religions and cultures beyond our immediate locality to ensure children recognise themselves as members of a diverse global society.


We have implemented the Locally Agreed Syllabus for Calderdale, Kirklees and Leeds: Believing and Belonging in West Yorkshire. The syllabus provides a clear, sequential and structured programme of learning which has been carefully and coherently planned in order to meet the needs of all the pupils at our school.

In EYFS, R.E. will be taught through links to religious festivals and other topics being taught.

In KS1, children will study Christianity, Islam and other world views.

In KS2, children will study Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism and other world views.

Discrete units of work are taught in blocks at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Units follow a two-year cycle which is planned and sequenced to ensure progression of knowledge and expectations. These units provide the opportunities to:

  •  Investigate the beliefs and practices of religions and other world views.
  •  Investigate how religions and other world views address questions of meaning, purpose and value.
  •  Investigate how religions and other world views influence morality, identity and diversity

Enquiry and investigation is always at the heart of our teaching in R.E. and each unit begins with a question which children are able to explore and discuss. Children will be guided to analyse the question, investigate relevant beliefs, practices and ways of life and give a reasoned, critical response.

Knowledge organisers will be provided at the beginning of each block which outline prior learning and set out the knowledge content for each specific block.

Experiences and enrichment opportunities will be provided where possible to enhance the teaching and learning of RE, including handling artefacts, using imaginative play or drama, meeting visitors from faith communities and making visits to places of worship. These will be planned to ensure the children at our school develop a deeper understanding of the diverse world beyond our own local community.

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