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At Carr Green Primary School we strive to ensure our children develop a sense of self and identity both of themselves as individuals and also as part of the wider world. This is the very heart of our Geography curriculum. We encourage our children to develop a deep curiosity and interest in the local area, the diverse nature of other places and cultures from around our wider world, an understanding of human and physical geography and the ability to develop their own skills in fieldwork and investigation. Through this we aim to help pupils develop an understanding and empathy of diverse places, their peoples and cultures and have up to date knowledge about the current issues and news from around the world. 


Geography is taught discretely across school in blocked units which enables our pupils to become ‘Geographers.’  Our curriculum allows children to purposefully explore and develop geographical knowledge, understanding and skills through inspiring projects whilst fulfilling the requirements of the National Curriculum. Children will learn about places, comparison, physical processes, physical features, environment, human features and landmarks, settlements and land use, geographical investigation, the use of geographical resources, data analysis and fieldwork and geographical changes over a period of time.

The knowledge and skills will develop throughout each phase of learning ensuring progression. Aspects and larger concepts within subjects, such as map work, are carefully paced and revisited across projects and year groups to build children’s understanding. Teachers provide opportunities for children to learn through first-hand experiences and fieldwork to enhance learning and bring knowledge and skills to life. Knowledge organisers are shared with the children to provide an overview of the topic and a tool to revisit previous learning, specific vocabulary and sticky knowledge.

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