Carr Green Primary School

Equality Objectives

Carr Green school provides an education for all, acknowledging that the society in which we live is enriched by diversity. We strive to recognise and celebrate the diversity within our school community where everyone is equally valued and treats one another with respect and fairness.

  • we will not tolerate harassment of any kind
  • are committed to combating all forms of discrimination
  • recognise that monitoring and evaluation of equality is essential to ensure that our young people are not being disadvantaged, and that monitoring leads to action planning
  • work towards eliminating all discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, gender reassignment, disability, sexuality (including sexual orientation), age, religion and belief
  • believe that all young people, employees and everyone who comes into school should be treated with dignity and respect at all times and we will not tolerate bullying, harassment or victimisation of any groups or individuals

To make this happen we:

  • acknowledge the Stephen Lawrence Enquiry definition of a racist incident is “any incident which is perceived by the victim or any other person”
  • recognise that young people may experience harassment and bullying and in tackling these issues in school we use the same definition as above
  • are a “listening school”. We listen to all our members including students, staff, parents, visitors, wider community members and other partners
  • use a PSHCE programme (which includes British Values) to promote human rights and equality particularly focussing on the rights of the child, the right to education and the right to be safe.
  • have Special Educational Needs and Disability policies and practices that demonstrate our commitment to inclusion, working with parents, appropriately allocating resources to ensure full curriculum access
  • seek to eliminate unfair treatment and discrimination through our human resource policies and procedures in particular in the areas of recruitment, training and development and promotion
  • recognise that staff have rights as employees to work in a supportive, safe and harassment free environment and that we all have an individual and collective responsibility to respect each other’s contributions
  • We promote an environment where standards of conduct are of the highest level and to ensure that no-one is harassed, victimised or bullied

Religious observance - We respect the religious beliefs and practice of all staff, students and parents, and comply with reasonable requests relating to religious observance and practice.

Our school Equality & Community  Cohesion policy can be found in full here.

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